Maximize Profitability with Efficient and Accurate Contract & Invoicing

Ensuring movements and orders are accurately invoiced and managed according to approved contracts in a timely manner is essential to any terminal business. Mangan continuity™ seamlessly integrates all aspects of a terminal’s operational business under a single roof to ensure that clients receive the most timely and appropriate invoices for their operations.

Terminal billing is unique and often more than traditional accounting systems can handle, creating unnecessary and wasteful “work arounds” and extra tracking spreadsheets to try to accurately generate charges. continuity™ can eliminate those issues by accurately capturing what is happening on site in real time.
Continuity™ shortens invoice turn around to maximize profitability and cash flows and can also be fully integrated with external financial and accounting systems to minimize disruptions to existing business processes.

continuity™ streamlines a terminal’s accounting procedures while increasing accuracy and timeliness of the invoicing process with a variety of integrated feature and benefits: