Role-Based User Experience

Providing Targeted Value to All Terminal Stakeholders

All versions and modules of continuity™ provide extensive role-based access and user experience. Clients work with the continuity™ team to develop user groups with unique access, permissions, and visualizations based upon a user’s role or position within the terminal.

Seamlessly utilizing Microsoft domain authentication, each user’s experience with continuity™ is unique to their role and responsibility, resulting in a custom feeling interaction with continuity™, without unnecessary pages, information, or content. As such, continuity™ users can interact with the platform in an efficient manner, free from excess noise or page clutter while reducing the possibility of errors.

Roles and groups can be dynamically edited or added to ensure that permissions and access are always appropriate. continuity™ offers unlimited users, so new users can be easily added to the platform when needed and existing users can be reallocated to new roles and groups.

Typical continuity™ user groups include: