Modular Approach to Terminal Operations

continuity™ is architected as a module-based terminal management system. Mangan’s team will work with our customer partners to baseline what is required for each unique solution, resulting in a platform that directly meets client needs without excessive and expensive unneeded functionality.

Continuity Base

The base continuity™ application offers a complete standalone data management system…

Truck Operations

Automate your truck operations to increase throughput and optimize manpower.

Rail Operations

Efficiently schedule, manage, and execute your terminal’s rail operations to optimize utilization…

marine operations

Schedule, validate, prepare, execute, close out and bill properly for all your marine operations.

Terminal pipeline operations

Effectively manage the pipeline operations coming into and going out of your terminal…

Pipeline custody transfer operations

continuity™ has all the functionality needed to…

transloading Operations

The flexible design of continuity™ can handle any kind of transloading the terminal needs.

Transfer operations

Automatically capture and record transfer operations so your inventory is always accurate!

Advanced reporting

The system has capability to advance the report generation for your site by bringing all data…

Contracts & Invoicing

Let continuity™ simplify the process for faster, more automated, and more accurate billing.

add-on functionality Modules

Additional functionality available to streamline…
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