Mangan continuity™

Modern and flexible terminal and operational management solutions for a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Proven Solution with a Custom Feel

Mangan’s continuity™ platform is a terminal management and operations system designed to provide reliability and efficiency in the contemporary liquid and dry bulk terminaling industry. Recognizing the myriad of ways that a terminal can operate, challenges and needs can differ. Mangan has developed continuity™ as a flexible solution meant to accommodate and enhance the owner’s operational process rather than forcing the owner’s operations to accommodate the software. Offered as an on-premises or cloud solution, continuity™ is a Microsoft .net Core based web application, with a mobile-first design, that leverages established, modern technologies to seamlessly interface with a terminal’s local, third party, and enterprise systems.

Mangan’s 30+ years of terminaling expertise and ability to integrate continuity™ alongside Mangan’s wider suite of traditional power and control systems automation services provides the terminaling industry with a truly unique opportunity to streamline the design, implementation, and operations of their terminaling operations!

Modular Approach to Terminal Operations

continuity™ is architected as a module-based terminal management system. Mangan’s team will work with our customer partners to baseline what is required for each unique solution, resulting in a platform that directly meets client needs without excessive and expensive unneeded functionality.

About mangan

We have technical experience in a wide variety of systems. Mangan Inc. understands today’s need for a sole source engineering firm-that’s why experience with Cybersecurity, Electrical and Controls design, Project Management approach, and Customized Enterprise solutions allows us to tackle projects of any size. Our extensive experience enable us to provide a system wide turnkey solution to our clients.
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