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Mangan Inc. & Terminal Management Systems

As a vendor neutral system integrator and control system engineering and automation service provider, Mangan has vast experience with terminal operations and the various TMS applications that are available in the marketplace. Most TMS solutions provide much of the same functionality – various degrees of scheduling, inventory management, reporting, ticketing, and operations management – with key differences focused mainly on which modalities are supported, visual presentation/interface, hardware requirements, etc.

In Mangan’s experience, the common theme with most of the “off the shelf” options are that the focus is on the application being sold and not on the operational needs of the end user, a common thread with many TMS vendors is to require that the terminal’s operations adjust to fit the vendor’s software versus the software adjusting to fit the terminal’s existing operations. No two terminals are the same – they can differ in supported modalities, installed hardware and equipment, existing business, enterprise applications, and most importantly, operational requirements. Mangan’s introduction of continuity™ is driven by Mangan’s ethos as a customer-focused solutions provider, above all else.

Why Mangan & continuity™?

Most TMS vendors are limited in the hardware/systems they can interface with and/or require a separate integrator, such as Mangan, to facilitate the integration of a TMS into the systems and hardware required to operate the asset. As a control system integrator offering traditional system integration services and TMS services under one roof, Mangan is uniquely qualified to ensure consistent and proper communication between the various control systems, the TMS, and the critical business/enterprise applications. Mangan offers true turn-key services to ensure a “one stop shop” approach for its clients from project ideation through operational support.

Mangan’s continuity™ Approach

Mangan’s process starts very simply with dialogue and motivation to understand a customer’s needs and goals and not a demonstration of its TMS. The continuity™ platform was specifically designed and developed to be modular, extensible, and configurable to meet those unique needs with the ultimate goal of delivering a solution that explicitly meets 100% of client’s stated requirements.

Such an approach ensures alignment and buy-in across all levels of an organization – from corporate management focused on business intelligence, efficiencies, and cost reductions to local level users focused on day-to-day performance, stability, and ease-of-use. A hallmark of a Mangan TMS project is unparalleled customer service with regular client engagement, interaction, and feedback to ensure client satisfaction.

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